Bluetowne, an information technology and cloud services provider, is searching for the best and brightest talent in the Lowcountry. From the mouse to the datacenter, our team executes quality, on-time and within budget technical services using the most innovative and reliable technologies in the industry.

We are looking for an experienced and accomplished professional to fill a Technical Services Specialist position. This is an excellent opportunity for the advancing technical professional to deploy and manage multiple best-in-class technologies (yes, you’ll get to play with the latest toys), expand technical expertise in new projects and ongoing service delivery, and contribute to aggressive business growth and a dynamic corporate culture. The position will assist operating our enterprise services practice platform including delivery of professional services, customer infrastructure management, and project implementation services.

Our Expectations (the proverbial fine print)

To fulfill the role of a Bluetowne Technical Services Specialist, you should be passionate about technology, possess proven technical skills and be self-accountable for all areas of job responsibilities. You must be a precise and proactive communicator and respond confidently and quickly to technical queries from various levels of origination from internal and external contacts. You should continually learn new technologies, broaden your expertise on existing technologies and hone your expertise and project strategy when reviewing past engagements. You should have a keen attention to detail, be proactively engaged with peers on a regular basis and thrive in a team environment. You should contribute professionally to proactively manage client expectations and communication, and maintain quality service delivery during high pressure circumstances. Quality customer service and exceptional service delivery are core values of Bluetowne and you should continually demonstrate your support of these values while engaged with customers, partners and peers. Wrap all of that into a nice, neat little package and set it aside for when we meet you.

Enough About Us, What About YOU?

We want exceptional people on our team, period. And, if you don’t feel exceptional at the moment but know you are pretty darn good at what you do – grab your favorite beverage, give yourself a high five, and continue reading when you feel more like a superstar. We are serious about delivering high quality customer service and exceptional service delivery… but we have fun, stop and smell the roses and think outside the box along the way. If you are exceptional at that and like working in a start-up environment with a small, close-knit team, then you will fit right in. If you have blog entries, LinkedIn publications, white papers – or have simply posted several responses in a technical forum causing a heated discussion (don’t be shy) and you think those things are exceptional, let’s have a look. If you thrive to achieve greatness in a risk-reward environment and you can drive forward with solid footing under stress and a dynamic working environment, Bluetowne wants to hear from you.

Duties and Responsibilities (the daily grind)

• Provide perpetual technical services and consulting services for customer daily workflow

• Provide customer project service delivery, management and quality control

• Provide technical services, consulting services and project delivery services documentation

• Create and audit project and service delivery requirements, limitations and product recommendations

• Provide expertise and proficiency in remote management and monitoring technology solutions

• Contribute expertise and experience in internal and external team engagements

• Assist with engineering, design and architecting solutions with senior internal engineers and directors

• Interactively engage clients, take ownership of problem resolution, self-manage schedule

• Interact directly with customer technology and business directors or executives regarding technical and business matters

• Maintain operations performance targets, individual performance targets, and certification and training targets.

Bluetowne Commitment

Bluetowne’s compensation package is competitive and comprehensive. We are passionate about creating and maintaining a balanced work-life environment. We reward for commitment, continued display of responsible work ethic and those who go over-and-above. We provide generous paid time off, healthcare compensation and paid industry certification training and exams. We have a flexible work location structure, provide maternity/paternity leave and reimbursement for your mobile device services and home Internet service. Yes, you will be ‘connected’ but we also expect you to ‘disconnect’ and exercise your brain and body in other ways outside of work. We will continually ensure your voice is heard regarding the direction of our firm, the resulting service delivery platform to customers and for ideas and creative ways to compete and be the best at what we do.

Technical Requirements

Your validated expertise and experience should include core areas of enterprise information technology infrastructure including networking, virtualization, storage, compute and Windows server. This experience and contributing expertise should be validated from the mouse to the datacenter. Your tool bag should include these leading vendors: Cisco, VMware, Meraki, Microsoft Windows (server and client), Microsoft Exchange and Apple. You should have documented 3+ years of experience working as a technical services delivery consultant, as a systems administrator, or a junior engineer inclusive of these vendor technologies. Experience with Citrix, EMC and Nimble is a plus.


Industry certifications are important in our selection. One or more of the following vendor certifications is desired:

• Microsoft
• Cisco
• VMware
• Citrix

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