vmware-vcloud-airMT. PLEASANT, S.C. – April 20, 2016 – Bluetowne, a leading provider of innovative information technology solutions, today announced its entry into the VMware vCloud® Air™ Network, with BlueCloud, a VMware IaaS Powered service. This designation illustrates to customers that the company’s public cloud service is validated using and compatible for use with VMware vSphere®, the leading virtualization platform for building cloud infrastructures.

A member of the VMware vCloud Air Network, Bluetowne provides its VMware IaaS Powered service using proven VMware technology that organizations already use in their existing data centers. VMware vCloud Air Network Service Providers offer global cloud services in more than 100 countries.

“We chose to partner with VMware years ago, and this was the natural progression of services,” said Eric Hartley, President, Bluetowne. “We are committed to providing our customers with design flexibility and cutting-edge technology that meets their specific needs for managed hosting. Achieving VMware IaaS Powered status has allowed us to deliver a custom infrastructure to our customers with a dedicated cloud service that provides additional headroom for on-demand scalability.”

“VMware IaaS Powered services delivered by VMware vCloud Air Network Service Providers can provide the efficiency, agility, and reliability inherent in cloud computing,” said Jim Aluotto, director, Service Providers, Americas VMware. “We look forward to supporting Bluetowne further as it empowers organizations with a simple and flexible path to the cloud.”

Customers of Bluetowne have the ability to move workloads from their VMware vSphere-based virtualized or private cloud environment to the VMware IaaS Powered service. This allows customers to achieve flexibility and security, while enabling increased IT agility.

Bluetowne sought VMware IaaS Powered validation in order to provide its customers with increased choice, as well as the ability to quickly and easily leverage virtualization technology. As a VMware vCloud Air Network Service Provider, Bluetowne can now provide users with enhanced responsiveness and agility, and enable reduced IT costs through greater performance, availability and scalability.

About Bluetowne:
Bluetowne’s mission is to provide expert, customized end-to-end IT solutions through remarkable customer service. From the mouse to the datacenter, we serve as trusted advisors to clients of all types and sizes and across all verticals locally (including Mt. Pleasant, SC, Charleston, SC, and Summerville, SC) and regionally to advance customer achievement through efficient and cost effective execution. Visit www.bluetowne.com or call 843.352.0130 for more information.


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